All Hands On Deck


Our second annual All Hands on Deck raffle is here! 23 artists from painters and printmakers, to muralists and graphic designers transformed skateboard decks into an art piece.

Get to know the artists creating the 2017 skate deck art and see previews of the finished pieces below!

The decks are on display at Radius Gallery now and will be raffled off to lucky winners tonight – July 7th. Tickets are just $10/each; $50/6 tickets or $100/13 tickets AND you don’t need to be present to win!

Online ticket sales have ended. Buy them in person at the Radius Gallery until 6:45pm. Raffle drawings start at 7:00pm!

This fundraising raffle supports Arts Council Santa Cruz County and our work to power the arts in Santa Cruz County. Together, we are driving creativity, innovation & vibrancy.

*Due to CA Raffle requirements, the Arts Council staff will process the online ticket reservation in the office. The online form is the reservation information needed for us to put your raffle tickets into the drawing. Online reservations of raffle tickets will close on July 7th at 4pm. Drawing is at 7pm on July 7th. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Arts Council’s office or by phone (831-475-9600) or at Radius Gallery.

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(1) Adam S. Wider is a painter, drawing and design artist. He draws his inspirations from nature, positive vibes, awesome people, and willingness to aspire with that likemindedness. All forms, shapes and perspectives create the fantastic balance. To see more about Adam, check out his Instagram feed (@wideo)

(2) Allison Garcia is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Soquel, California. She finds inspiration in animals and fables and her subject matter is often some of the darker characters from both nature and folklore. Allison’s work is primarily illustrative ink and line work with a focus on imagined narrative and fantasy. Check out her web siteFacebook page and Instagram feed (@blindperson)!

(3) Andrea Borsuk is a painter whose work explores notions of journey, time and destiny. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BA from UC Santa Cruz. She is an Art Instructor at Cabrillo College and a Visiting Lecturer at The Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. She is the 2010/2011 recipient of the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship. Her solo and group exhibition venues include: the Riverside Museum of Art, the Nevada Museum of Art, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, and the Monterey Peninsula Community College Art Gallery. Check out her web siteFacebook page and Instagram feed (@andreabelcruz)!

(4) Beth Shields works in oil on canvas and paper, adding wax to the mix. The abstract nature of her work is about her sense of sorrow and joy, and expresses her sense of the ephemeral, ever-changing, and undefinable nature of our lives and this world – the unknown and the unknowable. Check out her web site and Facebook page!

(5) Caryn Owen has created an abstract art collection inspired by current design trends and colors. Her abstract paintings are modern, bold, feminine and colorful. She draws from trends in fashion, decor, garden design, architecture, and the ocean. Check out her web siteFacebook page and Instagram feed (@houseofboysdesign)!




(6) Claire Lerner is an internationally exhibited and celebrated photographer who recently returned to painting. Using the same eye for subtlety and delicate color that make her photographs so compelling, her floral and still life are an insightful celebration of the beauty in both nature and paint. Born in New York City, she attended the State University of New York where she received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts. Her most recent collections have been exhibited at the Monterey Museum of Art and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in California. Claire passes on her love for the visual arts through teaching art to high school students. Check out her web site and Facebook page!

(7) Danny Fernandez is described as simultaneously a man of the past and a man of the future. Founder and member of the emerging Nostalgic Tones artist collective, some would say Danny is more of an artisan than an artist. His work spans multiple mediums including clay sculptures, printmaking, wood burning, jewelry, oil painting, and more. His passion for craftsmanship is a throwback to times past – or perhaps a look forward to times yet to come. Check out his web siteFacebook page and Instagram feed (@nostalgictones)!

(8) Elliot Bliss works primarily in paint pens and ink pens, and draws his inspiration from forests and the sea, as anyone born and raised in the Santa Cruz area would. His work captures the tranquility and relaxation that can be drawn from nature. Check out his Facebook page and Instagram feed (@elliott_bliss)!

(9) Howard Kaneg says of his work, “The forms outside become the structure of the painting but not it’s essence. Art is about exploration. The further away from what you know, that’s when you create art. The aim is to connect with currents occurring outside in what you see. Once you connect, you come into endless possibilities and that’s what you are looking for.” Check out his web site and Facebook page!

(10) Irene O’Connell paints, draws and makes prints. She is the youth empowerment program coordinator at the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, and an Outreach Specialist at Santa Cruz High School for Barrios Unidos. Check out her web site!

(11) Jacob Seedman is the owner and creative mind behind Shalom Clothing Company. He has been in love with art since the age of five and by the age of eight he fell in love with skateboarding and the stylized art of skateboard graphics by Santa Cruz local, Jim Phillips. His passion for skateboarding, art and graffiti fueled his creative path for life. Though academics were not always his favorite, he excelled artistically in school and his projects stood out among the rest. While attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, he majored in illustration.  Jacob uses his graphic design skills to create patterns and designs in Adobe illustrator, then prints them out and cuts stencils by and in which he uses to lay the bases of each piece. Every piece is done individually, with care and precision.

(12) Janet Ferraro paints in pastel and oil and especially enjoys palette knife oil painting. Since childhood, Janet has loved to draw horses and rode these beautiful creatures whenever possible. She exercised polo ponies for several years and lovingly cared for two horses of her own. While she enjoys painting all creatures, she is now focusing her art on this magnificent animal. She especially enjoys her commission paintings of not only horses, but the people who love them, dogs, cows and other creatures. Check out her web site and Instagram feed (@janetferraro)!

(13) John McKinley is a self-described illustrator, cartoonist, and professional pencil shortener. Check out his web site and Instagram feed (@johnmckinleyart)!


(14) Judi Oyama has over 25 years of action sports graphic design experience creating small and large scale design projects, including advertising, product graphics, collateral, packaging and logo designs. Judi has a solid portfolio and has an established career doing lifestyle, traditional graphic design and branding. Check out her web siteFacebook page and Instagram feed (@judioyama)!

(15) Julie Rawls (but you can call her Jules) views art through the lens of a designer. She works in a variety of mediums, from digital to watercolor, but almost always with an emphasis or incorporation of type and lettering. As trained graphic designer and co-founder / creative director at nomBat Branding she has learned to approach any project as a puzzle to be solved creatively and beautifully, carefully considering color, composition, and scale. Check out her website and Instagram (@orignauxmoose)

(16) Liam Cliff  is a 21 year old Santa Cruz native currently living in San Francisco. He is studying fashion design but also enjoy designing graphics and making short videos portraying his work. Check out his web site and Instagram feed (@liamcliffdesign)!

(17) Louanne Korver paints what she loves the most – the Hawaiian islands and people. She is inspired by the spirit of sweetness that comes along with the warm and fragrant breezes, and hopes to evoke a warm memory of the islands – the soft warm air, the incredible fragrance of the flowers, and the wonderful people. Check out her web site, Facebook page and Instagram feed (@tropicalart)!

(18) Lynda Watson’s work, regardless of media, is mostly about places and what she finds in them. Travel, adventures, encounters, celebrations, family gatherings, friendships and relationships are all associated with places and provide and inform the visual information that drives her work. Check out her web site!


(19) Myra Eastman likes to create artwork about issues she can’t stop thinking about. Over the years this has led her into war, occupation, neighborhood chaos and most recently gun violence. Everyday she is bombarded with an overload of human misery and unspeakable horror that pierce my heart with sadness, only making sense of it all by creating works of art that speak to our common humanity and dignity. Check out her web site!



(20) Paul Roehl’s work is about the aesthetic experience, primarily the experience of beauty. He aims to present nature and its beauty without the least bit of sentimentality or irony, creating images that communicate the stark reality and deep mystery that permeate our experience of the natural world. Check out his web site!

(21) Rob Bennett is a woodworker, painter, and photographer. Believing that any item can become a canvas, he transforms his old skateboards into something new.  While his boards primarily feature sea life – out of love and respect for the ocean, his paintings and ink work would be classified as surrealism.  He draws inspiration from the world around him and creates art in his Santa Cruz studio to keep himself sane.  Check out his instagram feed!

(22) Stacy Frank is a California based artist and fine art printmaker working with nontoxic techniques. Check out her web site, Facebook page and Instagram feed (@stacyfrank)!




(23) Taylor Reinhold was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. In 2009, Reinhold created Made Fresh Crew, a collective of artisans ranging in talents from pottery, glass blowing, videography, painting and jewelry making. Since then he has been working to promote creativity amongst the youth through artistic community outreach projects. He has organized and led workshops in multiple non-profit organizations such as Youth Now, Mariposa Arts, and the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. Check out his  web site, Facebook page and Instagram feed (@most_funky_click)!

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