Mariposa’s Art

I find Mariposa’s Art helpful because it gives me confidence in myself and it helps me to give confidence in others. I also like Mariposa’s Art because it’s fun and I love art. It gives me a chance to speak my opinions and be expressive in my art.

– Olivia, age 11

Through Mariposa’s Art each year more than 2,000 students learn, create, and blossom – serving schools that have little or no funding for the arts during the regular school day.

The Teach Model

An inter-generational model, Teach programs engage teaching artists, highschoolers, and elementary and middle school students. High school students find their voices and discover their creative gifts through training that steeps them in the arts and supports development of powerful life skills such as public speaking, lesson planning, and classroom management.  Together with professional artists, they co-teach lessons, share creative experiences with younger students, and become leaders, mentors, and role models.

This model has been so impactful, that in 2008 the Pajaro Valley Unified School District purchased the curriculum to apply it to subjects including science and physical education.

Current Teach Programs include:

– Art Teach

– Guitar Teach

– Mural Teach

– Drama Teach


Art & Leadership: Encourages the development of artistic skills, knowledge of the arts, and community service. Students explore themes such as:

Express Yourself: Realizing talents and strengths, and using them

Body Image: Redefining beauty as a quality of self-love, care, and being a good friend

Conflict Resolution: Learning to speak up and manage conflict in powerful ways

Dreaming Big: Setting goals and talking about how to make dreams come true

Guitar AmpUp: Introduces playing, performing, and writing music on guitar, and analyzing popular American music genres from the last 60 years, from blues and country to heavy metal and hip hop

– Hip Hop Poetry: Inspires expression through writing, public speaking, stage presence, improvisation, and critiquing skills while obtaining a supportive network of inspiration and resources

– Drawing & Design: Focuses on drawing, caricature, screen printing, and claymation

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