Ebb & Flow Artists


Ebb & Flow artists were selected from a robust pool of proposals to create artwork for Ebb & Flow. Sixteen artists will create temporary installations and performances on the Riverwalk, that will be up all Summer. The artists and installations include:

1. Swallow’s Nest by Kirby Scudder – a 15’ high bird’s nest made of wood and branches on the side of the Soquel Bridge. NOTE: Though there for Ebb & Flow celebrations, it has since been removed.

2. Wind Fish by Margaret Niven – a dozen 5’ long windsocks in the shapes of Steelhead and Coho Salmon will catch the wind coming off the ocean. The fish appear to be swimming upstream and change directions depending on the wind. *NOTE: Margaret’s Wind Fish have traveled upstream and can be seen at the Tannery campus!

3. Interactive River Weaving by Nora Grant and Melody Overstreet – a colorful, community-built fiber installation on the San Lorenzo Park Pedestrian Bridge. The colors reflect those of native birds and animals.

4. Rope Panel installation by Ethan Estas –  depicts a fluid current of the river flowing by. Created using found materials to tell stories about the marine environment.

5. Fishing Rods by Timerie Gordon – the return of her large-scale rods on the Water Street Bridge, reminding us that this river was once rushing water abundant with fish.

6. RiverFact Banners by Linda Cover – Linda, a teaching artist, guided local children to create eight double-sided banners featuring river facts and animal art.

7. Swan Diver by Geoffrey Nelson – an elegantly lit sculpture floating in the air as it “dives” off the pedestrian bridge into the San Lorenzo Rover. NOTE: Though she has been away at swim camp, she’ll return shortly.

8. Forefather/For Father by Ann Hazels – a field of several hundred ceramic poppy flowers that move kinetically under a pedestrian bridge bring brightness to an unassuming place. The Ohlone people had a strong connection to the native plant – it is delicate, yet strong, withstanding various weather climates in Northern California. NOTE: These have been removed for safe keeping and will have a new home shortly. New location to be shared soon.


Performing Artists:

Stephanie Engel – “Augu Doce–Dance Along the River” a performance along the Riverwalk and/or during the River Arts Celebration featuring four dancers who will dance in honor of the river and the spirit of the river.

Suzanne Schrag and company – “River Characters” – the return of costumed River Characters including Eb, Flo, and river creatures who will join the parade and Celebration.

Jeanette Bent – “Aerial Dance” – multiple aerial dances performed along the Riverwalk and/or during the River Arts Celebration.