Kinetic Art Parade


The Kinetic Art Parade on Saturday, June 3rd paraded from the Kaiser Arena to the Tannery Arts Center. 

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the parade–either watching or parading–we had fun and hope you did too! Click here to see a video of some of the parade.

If you are looking for inspiration for next year…and wanting to make kinetic art – art that moves – see these tips below.

Some things to consider as you design your kinetic sculpture:

  • The parade route isn’t flat and it’s just over a mile and a half long – there are four underpasses. Our guidelines give you the specs for fitting under them, AND we want you to be sure you and your crew can control them going downhill and have the people power you’ll need to push them up hill.
  • Not sure what we mean exactly? Get out there and walk the route. Seriously, it’s a gorgeous walk, anyway!
  • Save yourself (and us, please) from preventable hassles the day of the event. Please read the Guidelines and then read ‘em again.
  • Need inspiration? Check out Kinetic Baltimore’s indispensable HOW TO BUILD A KINETIC SCULPTURE guide, some assembly required!
  • The parade route is approximately 1.6 miles long. You and your crew should expect to be on your vehicles for at least 30-45 minutes, perhaps longer.

Special Thanks to all the Volunteers who Make Ebb & Flow a Tremendous Success!

Thank you to our project partners: the City of Santa Cruz, the Coastal Watershed Council and San Lorenzo River Alliance, City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission, City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Department, Tannery Arts Center, First Friday, the Downtown Association, the Museum of Art and History, The Museum of Natural History, Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center, and numerous public agencies. Thanks also to the California Arts Council’s Creative California Communities program.