Arts Council Associates

A Note About Arts Council Associates

May 6, 2021

Dear Associates,

The Arts Council has decided to take an eight month pause on Associates gatherings. During this time, we’re taking an organization-wide look at everything we do and will come out on the other side with a clear path forward to provide deeper, more impactful support to you and the full arts community.

Taking a pause on the Associates program will grant us the space needed to focus on the program’s content and structure, and match the needed resources to strengthen the Arts Council Associates program and reconvene in January 2022.

Although we will be exploring different program models, the heart of the program will remain the same – a place for fellow creatives to skill-share, collaborate, and build community.

We heard from this group, in the July 2020 community feedback survey, a desire to go deeper on topics of interest while prioritizing advocacy for the arts, skill-sharing, professional development, and maintaining a social space for networking. We will carry these intentions into our planning phase and welcome additional input and suggestions as we move forward.

If you did not have a chance to provide your feedback in July, it’s not too late! Please follow this link here to complete the community feedback survey. If you would like to share your feedback verbally or have further input, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to Maria Walsh at to connect.

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Associates community. We look forward to coming together again in 2022 with a new found focus for an impactful program.

In community,

Nallely Martinez
Grants Program Manager

Valeria “Val” Miranda
Arts Council Associates Chair
Arts Council Board Member