Arts Ed Advocacy

Bridging the Arts Ed Gap

When we think about schools in Santa Cruz County, we imagine them as bright places for learning, connection, and creativity. And they should be; the state of California requires arts education in all K-12 schools. But too often, lack of funding and budget cuts make it difficult to offer. 

There is a gap between the creative, igniting educational experience we want to offer our students and the reality of their day-to-day in the classroom. And as a County, we’ve failed to offer the same quality of arts education to everyone from North to South County.

That’s exactly where we can help. Our suite of creative programs works to fill the arts education gap for 18,000 students every year. Through decades of research and on-the-ground learning with local educators and students, we have developed a systemic solution for making our schools into the inspired, engaged environments we all wish for them to be. 

When woven in with public education, the arts:

  • Promote the Common Core State Standards
  • Awaken the full potential of every student
  • Break down barriers
  • Provide opportunities to express diverse cultural heritages

Arts Now Community

Within each Santa Cruz County school district, there is a powerful group of advocates who support arts education. 

The Arts Now Community brings together parents, educational leaders, and school stakeholders twice a year to facilitate important dialogue about the state of arts education in our community. 

If we’re going to connect all of our schools with arts education resources, we’ll need a strong group of advocates–and you– to make it happen.

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A Snapshot of Impact

Until now, there hasn’t been one resource to see the big picture of arts education offerings and enrollment in all of Santa Cruz County’s schools and districts. When we see the full story of arts ed in Santa Cruz County, we can better understand where we’re doing well and where there are gaps in our community.

See the Arts Ed Data Project

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Check out the California Arts Ed Data Project

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