Arts Education Advocacy Resources

Arts Education Resources

To be a great advocate, you need great sources. Read through our collection of the most helpful resources when guiding advocates and arts educators. Bookmark these. Share with friends. Together, we’ll make a better case for every student engaging with the arts as part of their daily education.

Declaration of Student Rights to Equity in Arts Learning

At the Crossroads of Art and Equity

Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Arts Education 

Arts Education Navigator e-Book Series on Arts Education 

A new series of arts ed e-books from Americans for the Arts. Book #1 details data showing the impact of the arts on students, the decrease in the amount of funding and time for the arts in schools, etc.

Arts Education and Social-Emotional Learning Outcomes Among K-12 Students: Developing a Theory of Action from UChicago Consortium on School Research