Current Grantees

Fall 2020 Cultivate Grantees

Professional Development Support

  • Gabriela Bravo – Para desarollar un video musical – “To develop a music video”
  • Carla Brennan – To replace photographic equipment lost in the CZU fire and to develop a professional website to display and sell nature photography
  • Sam Clarkson – To rebuild studio tools and replace a potters wheel lost in the CZU fires
  • Juan Carlos Diaz – Para superación musical – “For musical improvement”
  • Timothy Duncan – To secure a professional-quality recording of original music compositions
  • Jonathan Erickson – To attend Fierce360 to expanding depth of knowledge for manipulating large amounts of fire, safely
  • Jahandar Hamidieh – For a platform to promote and support up and coming musicians of Santa Cruz
  • Juan Jose Jimenez Cruz – Para Dibujos Jimenez – “For Dibujos Jimenez”
  • Anouk Johanna – To buy art supplies for my art practice and return to teaching
  • Christopher Jones – To replace musical tools and equipment lost in the CZU Lightning Complex Fires
  • Amy Katz – To repurchase materials lost in the CZU lightning fire and expand professional development
  • Gemma Locatelli – To purchase paint, canvasses, and brushes to continue art practice
  • Elie Mabanza – To purchase recording equipment to replace what was lost in the CZU fire
  • Madeline Thompson – To purchase home printing equipment to reproduce artwork for a larger audience
  • Karen Mendez Roque – Para comprar materiales para pintar en tallado de madera – “To buy wood carving paint materials”
  • Lorena Mansilla – Para comprar iPad para expandir mi colaboración en diseño y comunicación con organizaciones comunitarias en EEUU y Sudamérica – “To buy iPad to expand my collaboration in design and communication with community organizations in the US and South America”
  • Priscilla Martinez – To purchase a Wacom cintiq pro 24 tablet and Wacom ergo stand for the tablet to enhance my art professional career
  • Jon Payne – To purchase music and recording equipment lost in the complete destruction of music studio and home in the recent CZU lightning fires
  • Elizabeth Payne – To purchase ceramic equipment and photography equipment lost when home studio burned in the recent Santa Cruz mountains fires
  • Devi Pride – To replace lost equipment in the CZU fires that are needed in the day to day running of an art business
  • Biagio Scarpello – To purchase glass blowing materials to facilitate art practice
  • Beth Shields – To create a website for Gallery 125 at the Tannery needed due to COVID shutdown
  • Patrick Stefaniak – To purchase virtual reality equipment to exhibit work in art galleries
  • Luca Susti – To buy a new powerful computer to be able to produce and finish original music, record and release it.
  • Mary Tartaro – To repurchase materials and equipment lost in the fires
  • Lynne Todaro – To purchase a new iPad with stylus for social media presence, portable portfolio, creating sketches, accessing Zoom, and accepting payments
  • Amy West – To repurchase art, professional materials, and reference books lost in the CZU Fires
  • Oliver Whitcroft – To invest in a proper computer to help make more magic to share with my community and beyond
  • Jane Wrankle – To purchase lost art supplies in CZU fire 2020
  • Hedilberto Xuana Fabian – Para comprar materiales para tallados de madera – “To buy wood carving materials”
  • Santa Cruz Art League – For racial justice training for board and staff

Project Support

  • Arte del Corazon – Monthly Art Markets in Watsonville
  • Cheza Nami Foundation – A free, virtual, socially-distanced showcase of African and Brazilian performances for the Santa Cruz Community, promoting healing and connection through the traditional arts
  • Coastal Watershed Council (lead artist Irene Juárez O’Connell)  – San Lorenzo River Storm Drain Mural at Poet’s Park in the Beach Flats Neighborhood in Santa Cruz City
  • Esperanza Community Farms (lead artist Monica Galvan) – Family-based take-home art kits based on culturally preferred vegetables for Community Farm Latinx families
  • FashionTeens Santa Cruz – A countywide, collaborative effort open to all middle and high school students, bringing them together in socially and environmentally conscious art endeavors
  • MoveSpeakSpin – The Daughters of Hypatia: a Mathematical Herstory, a dance concert celebrating the lives, struggles, and work of women mathematicians throughout history
  • Shared Adventures (lead artist Anastasia Torres-Gil) – Mural at LEO’s Haven park
  • The Puppetry Institute – Upgrading and marketing new online/streaming art, theater, and puppetry arts classes
  • Vivien Bassouamina – Tenth Annual African diaspora dance and drum conference
  • Ome Garcia – Free painting classes for low-income families in Watsonville
  • Yolande Harris – Children of the Ocean: whale stress, sound, and the pandemic in the Monterey Bay
  • Andrew Hawes – A portrait series with interviews of people who experienced loss during the CZU fires
  • Madison McGain – A site-specific, performance-art piece for the public that offers the community an artistic vessel to process and reflect on impermanence and mortality through a collective sensory experience, rather than through individual means
  • Juan Morales-Rocha – VR Game Development, specifically a virtual reality rap game called Supersonic Rhyme Chamber!
  • Adon Newman – Traveler: A wearable interactive art experience that transports the participant’s consciousness outside of their body
  • Jaime Sanchez – Completion of dining area mural at Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes
  • Graciela Vega Cendejas – Festival de Ballet Folklorico, Música, Arte y Poesia y Talleres – “Ballet Folklorico , Music, Art and Poetry Festival”

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