2018 Gail Rich Awards

SCCAFAE_logo_2015This annual awards night celebrates the spirit of the arts in Santa Cruz by recognizing those who inspire our culturally rich community.

22nd Annual Gail Rich Awards
Tuesday, March 13 at 7:30pm
Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Ave. in Santa Cruz
FREE and open to the public

Honorees and more info will be posted soon!

About Gail

Simply put, Gail Rich was an inspiration to our community. In addition to being active in a number of local arts organizations – and a proud supporter of many others – she spent several years as a member and chairperson of the Arts Council Associates and served on the Arts Council Board of Directors. The broader community knew her as a Sentinel arts correspondent and a classical music programmer on KUSP. Gail died unexpectedly on October 5, 1996 at the age of 45.

About the Awards

Awardees are nominated by community members and chosen by Wallace Baine, former Entertainment Editor for the Santa Cruz Sentinel and photographed by Sentinel photographer Shmuel Thaler. The Gailies is a free event produced by the Arts Council Associates in celebration of these awards and the many talented and dedicated individuals that make up Santa Cruz’s creative ecosystem.

Awardees 1997-2017*

Abra Allan, dancer, teacher, dance presenter
Janet Allinger, visual artist
Cheryl Anderson, choral director
Andy Andrews & Peter Thomas, Santa Cruz Ukulele Club
Guillermo Aranda, muralist
Linda Arnold, singer/songwriter
Art & Revolution, political theater collective
James Aschbacher & Lisa Jensen Aschbacher, artist & writer
Banana Slug String Band, musicians/educators
Bob Barbour, photographer
Kathleen Bartlett Abood, artist
Maya Barsacq, concert producer
Ellen Bass, writer/poet/teacher
Tandy Beal, dancer/choreographer
Laurence Bedford, Rio Theatre owner
Susie Bright, writer/provacateur
Sue & Ray Brown, musicians and educators
Tammi Brown, vocalist
Velzoe Brown, jazz musician
Bob Brozman, musician
Vern & Carol Bowie, artists
Chip, producer
Julia Chiapella, Writer and Executive Director, Young Writer’s Program
Phil Collins, composer
Ikuyo Conant, Watsonville Taiko artistic director
Neal Coonerty, bookseller
Eleazar Cortes, mariachi musician
William Coulter, guitarist
Amber Coverdale Sumrall, poet/teacher
Kathleen Crocetti, artist/teacher/activist
Lile Cruse, band leader/impresario
Maria Crush, costume designer
Maestro Salvatore D’Aura, opera director
Smith, Gail, Smith Jr. & Sasha Dobson, jazz musicians
Geoffrey Dunn, writer/historian/filmmaker
Michael Eckerman, stone artist
Skip Epperson, scenic designer
Joe Ferrara, merchant
Tom Fredericks & Ellen Primack, arts administrators
Gina Garcia, Dancer, Educator and Founder of Worldanz
Josh Gitomer, choir director
John Larry Granger, conductor
The Great Morgani, accordionist
Keith Greeninger, singer/songwriter
Jim Greiner, musician
Harmony Grits, bluegrass group
Billie Harris, actress/storyteller
Kate Hawley, actress & dramatist
Helené, dancer/teacher
Roger Heitzman, woodworker/designer
Clifford Henderson & Dixie Cox, performers, teachers, writers
Richard Hoover, guitar maker
Laura Ellen Hopper, disc jockey
Larry Hosford, singer/songwriter
Steve Hosmer, commercial artist
James D. Houston, writer
Arthur Hull, percussionist
Carolyn Hyatt, arts philanthropist
Tim Jackson, jazz icon
Julie James, theater director
Janet Johns & Esperanza del Valle, folklorico dance troupe
r. r. jones, photographer
David Kaun, musician/philanthropist
Tobin Keller, visual artist, teacher, fashion designer
Robert Kelley & Diane Cypher, Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre
Mary Ann & Albert Kent and Tom Miller, Henfling’s
Laurie King, novelist
Ken Kraft, guitarist
Ernest T. “Bud” Krestschmer, arts patron
Tracye Lea Lawson, arts advocate
Bruce Lee, performance artist
Michael Leeds, sculptor
Rock Lerum, physical comedian
Nancy LeVan, singer/songerwriter
Iman Lizarazu, performance artist
Sister Barbara Long, music director
Bryn Loosley, musician
Bob Lowery, bluesman
Gerry Mandel & William Rubel, Stone Soup founders
Patti Maxine, musician
Mayim, vocal group
Morton Marcus, poet/film critic
Wilma Marcus Chandler, theater director/teacher
Don McCaslin, musician
Mary McCaslin, singer/songwriter
Peter McGettigan, videographer/producer
Rick McKee, musician/luthier/producer
Elizabeth McKenzie, writer
Ginny Mitchell, singer/songwriter
B. Modern, costume designer
Ann Morhauser, art glass designer
Holt Murray, sculptor & mentor
Susan Myer Silton, Pisces Moon Productions
Jimmy Norris, drummer & bandleader
Futzie Nutzle, artist
Dale Ockerman, White Album Ensemble, Musicscool
John Orlando, musician
George & Gail Ow, philanthropists
Monica Parker, singer
Ralph Peduto, actor
Barry & Shelley Phillips, musicians
Jim Phillips, commercial artist
Jimbo Phillips, graphic artist
Pipa Piñon, vocalist
Tom Ralston, concrete artist
Rowland & Pat Rebele, philanthropists
Joseph Ribeiro, actor
Mike Ryan, Actor and Artistic Director, Santa Cruz Shakespeare.
Lori Rivera, singer
John Sandidge, concert promoter/radio personality
Manuel Santana, painter/sculptor
Eric Schoeck, litterateur
Robbie Schoen, Felix Kulpa Gallery
Suzanne Schrag, actor/comic
Jozseph Schultz, chef
Dina Scoppettone, photographer
Jon Scoville, composer
Kirby Scudder, Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art
Sean Seman, director of Young at Heart
Rose Sellery, artist
Nikki Silva & Charles Prentiss, curators
Johnny Simmons, KUSP radio personality
Dror Sinai, businessman/rhythmatist
Mimi Snowden, interior designer/artist
Suzanne St. John, videographer/singer
Judy Stabile, artist
Audrey Stanley, director/scholar
Richard Stockton, comedian, writer, host
Jane Sullivan, Santa Cruz Film Festival
Eric Thiermann, filmmaker
Patrick Trefz, photographer
Carol Trengove, gallery director
The Troxell Family, actors
Um…Gee…Umm, improv theater troupe
Jim Urban, artist/designer/sign painter
Patrice Vecchione, poet
Claudia Villela, singer
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, author
T. Mike Walker, artist/writer
Rick Walker, percussionist
Dag Weiser, artist
Bill Welch & Phil Lewis, Moe’s Alley/Santa Cruz Blues Festival
Sara Wilbourne, dancer
Cat Willis, Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center
Rhan Wilson, musician
Tom Wolver, sculptor
Daniella Woolf, visual artist
Thom Zajac, publisher
Andy Zenczak, audio engineer, recording producer

*Note: we try to keep this list up to date, but if we are missing someone here – let us know! Email info@artscouncilsc.org with details.



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