Hearts for the Arts 2021

Help us share the love of art at the 12th annual Hearts for the Arts fundraiser!

The first 13 days of February, stop by the front windows at Artisans & agency downtown to view a bountiful display of local love-themed works of art. This year, all 80+ pieces are for sale at full value, with all proceeds supporting the Arts Council’s arts education programs, SPECTRA and Mariposa Arts.

You can stop by to see the art in person or visit the Artisans & agency website to purchase a piece from the comfort of your home! Special thanks to Artisans & agency owner Linnaea Holgers for her continued partnership, Redtree Properties for sharing their window space, and all of the local artists who have donated their work to benefit youth in Santa Cruz County.

Visit the Artisans & agency website to find the perfect piece for you here.

Participating artists:

Alena Byrnes
Andy Orsini
Ann Baldwin May
Ann Bitonti
Ann Ostermann
Barbara Brundage
Beth Purcell
Carlin Schelstraete
Carol Heenan
Carol Smyth
Chris Johnson
Claire Lerner
Claudia Silva-Doo
Claudia Stevens
Cristina Sayers
Dan Osorio
David Salazar
Dee Hooker
Denise Perla Peacock
Donna Thompson
Elissa Nesheim
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Romanini
Erika Perloff
Evan Siegesmund
Evelyn Drew
Gretchen Werner
Heidi Alonzo
Heidi Michelle Woodmansee
Himani Natu
Hollis Hansen
Jackie Marr
Jake Higgins
Jane W. Ferguson
Janet Silverglate
Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes
Jessica Johnson
Joan Rose Staffen
Joohee Miller
Katie Simpson
Kendra Morrison
Laurel (Bushman) Noble
Lee Bookman
Lee Taiz
Linda Cover
Linda Levy
Liz Crain
Liz Lyons Friedman
Lucy Bell
Lynette Cederquist
Lynne Todaro
Margaret Niven
Martina Goulart
Martine Mahoudeau
Melinda Vahradian
Myra Eastman
Nancy Howells
Peter Koronakos
Rachel Van Dessel
Randie Silverstein
Robin Lerios
Ron Cook
Rosy Penhallow
Russell Brutsché
Sally Bookman
Sanda Spiegel
Sandra Cherk
Sarah Brothers Bot
Sarah Jane
Serena Dionysus
Shinehah Bigham
Stacy Frank
Susan Gilchrist
Susan L. Brown
Susana Arias
Suzanne McCourt
Sylvia Valentine
Terry Dowell