We are grateful to all our Supporters who make art happen in Santa Cruz County. If you’d like to join our family of Supporters, donate here.

Vanguard ($100,000+)

California Arts Council
City of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz County
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Benefactor ($10,000 – $49,000)

Bonnie Bernardi
Bud and Rebecca Colligan
The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation
Deborah Kern
Andrea London
The Menard Family Foundation
Monterey Peninsula Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Rebecca Nolan
The Sato Foundation
Kerry Veenstra

Champion ($5,000-$9,999)

Anonymous Fund at East Bay Community Foundation
Art4Moore Fund of Tides Foundation
Charman Fund for Arts Council Santa Cruz County
Carolyn Hyatt
David and Abigail Kaun
Jody Snyder and Noel Littlejohns
Denise Vogel and Lin Marelick
Kathryn Metz
George Newell
Rowland and Pat Rebele
SC 41 Furniture
Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center
Tides Foundation
Jeffrey Galipeaux and Robin Warbey

Partner ($2,500-$4,999)

Amy Ensign-Barstow Memorial Fund at East Bay Community Foundation
City of Watsonville
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Harold and Dorothy Hyde
New Leaf Community Markets
Janet Platin
Santa Cruz County Bank
Swenson Builders
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Bessie Vizzusi-Gruhlke
Wells Fargo

Leader ($1,000-$2,499)

Judy and Geoffrey Alexander
J.M. Brown and Brian Arao
Aaron Brookes
Ceil Cirillo
City of Scotts Valley
Mary James and George Cook
Margy A. Cottle
Mark Sachau and Bill Gielow
John and Susan Graulty
Dolores Saluppo and Peter Holland
Teresa B. McCann and Eric Jensen
The Terry Karima Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Bonnie Keet
Linda Levy and Stephen King
Colleen and Pedro Martin-Garcia
Gayle’s Bakery and Roticcerria
Bertie and Mike McElroy
Mary H. McMillan
Muffie and Les Miller
Debra Alexander and Al Morgan
Susan Nemitz
Harvey and Judy Nickelson
Pajaro Valley Prevention
Cheryl and Joe Pruss
Victoria Regan
Emily Reilly
Carl Rom
Alex Soto
Ginger and Jim Tolonen
Barbara Weigel
Sally Green and Lucas Willey

Advocate ($500-$999)

Larry Abitbol
The Andersen Family
Bay Federal Credit Union
Harry and Mary Blanchard
Laurie Brooks
City of Capitola
Diane Craddock
Jill Ann and Dan Dion
Finkelman Family Charitable Foundation
Geo. H. Wilson, Inc.
Bruce and Linda Nicholson
Wayne Palmer and Earleen Overend
Palace Art and Office Supply
Nina and Sibley Simon
Lee Slaff
Gabrielle Stocker
Sue Struck

Supporter ($250-$499)

Marty Ackerman
Frank Baudino
Kathleen Crocetti
The Amy and David Harrington Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Discretion Brewing LLC
Paul Fleischman
Penny Hargrove and Dan Friedman
Jennifer Gallacher
Angelo and Beverly Grova
The Hazels
Kerri Linden
Peggy Marketello
Patrick and Rose Mulhearn
Mark Nockleby
Brian Parselle
Linda Wilshusen and Rock Pfotenhauer
Paul Thiltgen and Maureen Roll
Jono Rosen
Carolyn Rudolph
David and Mary South
Helen Taylor
Beth Tobey
Lucius Wasserman
Susan and William Wishon
Jan and Margaret Ysselstein

Member ($100-$249)

Toby and Michael Alexander
John Wells and Mariana Alwell
Mary Arman
Lisa Jensen and James Aschbacher
Sharon Barrett
Lili and Tom Beggs
Gina and John Biondi
Rosemary and Neil Cashman
Brian Cayton
Sandra Chung
Carolyn and Curt Coleman
David and Mary Alice Copp
Tami and Bruce Corum
Olga de Santa Anna
Terry T. Dowell
Evelyn Jenkins Drew
Lee and Emily Duffus
Janas Durkee
George Dymesich
Charles and Kim Eadie
Eli and Angela Eisenpress
Peter Gelblum and Michelle Estrin-Gelblum
Janet C. Firth
Liz Lyons Friedman
Angela Gleason
Bill and Christine Green
Jennifer and Hugh Grubb
Susan Hancey
Kathleen and James Hatfield
Janet Heldt
Cathy Henderson
Felipe Hernandez
Carol Hill
Margot Hoffman
Breta and Bruce Holgers
Jeanne Howard
Nancy and Steve Howells
John and Annette Jackson
Susana Wessling and Herb Jellinek
Bill and Jasmine Kennann
Lorri Kershner
Michele and Bob Kibrick
Sabrina Eastwood and Russell Krebs
David Fleming and Jeanne Lance
Linda N. Larkin
Mark Lawsen
Connie and Speed Leas
Eliza Linley and David Richardson
Kim Luke
Joyce and Otto Lund
Cynthia and William Mathews
Kirk McNeill
Debbie Melnikoff
George Melnikoff
Virginia Mickelson
Nada Miljkovic
Alexis Morgan
Martha Nicholson
Denise Norris
Moto Ohtake
Anna Oneglia
Pacific Edge Climbing Gym
Robin and Richard Polse
Casey Coonerty Protti and Michel Protti
Andrew Purchin
Andrea Rich
Bruce and Phyllis Rosenblum
Cathie Lee Royer
Jeremiah Salvage
Stephanie and Richard Schriver
Tandy Beal and Jon Scoville
Gwen Shen
Jeanne W. and Jenta Shen
Randie and Steven Silverstein
The Sinor Family
Judy Stabile
Michael Stobbe
Barbara Thomas
Michelle Williams and Jon Vaden
Michael and Susan Warren
Lynda Watson
Suze and Len Weinberg
Ann Ostermann and Isaiah Williams
Jonathan and Susan Wittwer
Jean Walton Wolff
Pat and Larry Worley
Deanna Zachary

Donor ($40-$99)

Jamie F. Abbott
Len Andersen
Jennifer Anderson
Frank Anderson
Susan Archibald
Bruce Ashley
Yumiko Aso
Robert Bailey
Sheila Baumgarten
Eva Baele Bernstein
Barbara Beverly-Samson
Gail and Michael Burk
Helen and Peter Carr
Julia Chiapella
Linda L. Curtis
Jacqueline Davidow
Tim Davis
Kimberly DeLucia (Hardin)
JoAnne and Art Dlott
Jane P. Doyle
Paul and Lynda Lynch Dutton
Beth Dyer
Therese Stark and Stephen Felder
Michele Finch
Marianna and James Franks
Marie Gabrielle
Adele Gardner
Jim and Connie Grant
Sarah Nelson Green
Terry Green
Jane Gregorius
Velma Groppi
Gero Heine
Laurie and Dan Hennig
Susan Hillyard
Christine Hirsch
Ina and Matthias Hohensee
Honeybee Ceramics
Sally Jorgensen, Ph.D., and Tim Isaacs
Eduardo Izquierdo
Aaron Johnson
William Jorth
Purea K. and Nicholas Koenig
Diane Marvin Koenig
Anne LaBrie
Marylou Lamb
Becky and Jim Lang
Florence and Keith Lesar
Nancy and John Lingemann
Nancy and Rabbi Rick Litvak
Annette Longuevan
Rosalind Ruth and Judy Luiz
John Maddux
Martine Mahoudeau
Jana Marcus
Robin McBain
Cynthia Messer
Marcia Meyer
Bonnie and Gary Minardi
Steve Houlihan and Marlene Mirassou
Helene Moglen
Margaret Morrison
Rachelle and Nathan Norris
Orsini Family
Jan Palia
Marilyn and Gary Patton
Ariel A. Perez
Kathleen Pouls
Marc D’estout and Beverly Rayner
Gretchen Regenhardt
Carol L. Riddle
Cher Roberts
Josh Rosen
Carol Frate and Larry Schwankl
Janet Silverglate
Ellen Skolnick
Anthony and Debra Sloss
Marcie Smitten
Peggy Snider
Gigi Spinazze
Gil and Mimi Stein
Colleen and Jeffrey Stobbe
Keith Swaback
Dee Tannenbaum
Ana Paula Prado Teeple
Jane and Dennis Uyematsu
Melissa West
Hillis and Peggy Williams
Corinne and Todd Wipke
Nicole Yellin
Cynthia Young

In-Kind Donors

David Reese Photography
Edward R. Hearn, Esq.
Palace Art & Office Supply
Patrick Reilly
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Ellen Primack and Eric Schmidt
Tannery Prints