Banana Slug String Band

Theater Arts

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Doug “Dirt” Greenfield and “Airy” Larry Graff make up the Banana Slug String Band school assembly program. They bring many years of teaching and performing experience to their audiences. The Banana Slugs have produced ten recordings and a feature-length edu-tainment DVD, and an illustrated book and CD set.

Credential: Multi-Subject (received 1989)

phone: (831) 818-5648

Going Wild! Fun-damental Science

This exciting performance integrates music and performing arts with the environmental science curriculum. Ecological awareness and positive human interaction are fostered though delightful sounds and active student and teacher participation. The Banana Slug String Band performs all original compositions, theater, puppetry and choreography, utilizing a wide spectrum of musical styles to enrich the audiences' musical tastes. Schools may choose from six educational themes:

'We All Live Downstream" uses original songs to teach students all about the world's diverse watersheds and the need to "Learn about it, love it, and keep it clean!" Students will learn how NOT to get the Storm Drain Blues and will be encouraged to protect our precious wetlands through music, sing-a-longs, dance and theater.

"Penguin Parade" explores animals and their specialized and precious habitats.

"The Awesome Ocean" looks at marine habitats and the beauty of the ocean. Brand new songs from our CD highlight, "Ocean Literacy."

"Living with the Earth" helps students discover the magic of our sun, soil, water and air.

"Singing in our Garden" is a program inspired from music used in Santa Cruz's own Life Lab Garden curriculum. The Slugs will sing, dance, and perform role-play theater to their own original garden and plant science songs.

"The 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)" How does nature recycle and how do humans recycle? Empower children to make earth-friendly choices with awareness of sustaining natural resources, improving the environment and recycling opportunities.

Grade level: Pre-K - 6
Requirements: Multipurpose room or outdoor setting and 40-45 minutes
Fees: One performance $1200/Two consecutive performances $1500

Slug Science Alive (Virtual)

The 30 minute concert will concentrate on Watershed Education, and touch on topics from Conservation, Recycling, Rivers, Storm Drains, Habitats, and the Water Cycle. The curriculum pieces will be chosen form 9 songs/topics that have been made into pre-made Videos. The schools will be able to choose from this list:
- Insects
- 6 parts of a plant
- Water Cycle
- Animals and Habitats
- Trees
- Geology
- Weathering Erosion
- Fungus, Bacteria and Invertebrates
- Food Chain

Includes 30 Minute Live Zoom Concert or Recorded Video Concert and 4 Curriculum pieces (20 minutes each) that include music, outdoor activities, and science instruction. The school can choose to have pre-made 20 minute curriculum videos instead of Zoom concert.

Prices: $750 all inclusive
Grades: K-6

View sample Curriculum piece here.