Dawn Imbrie

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Dawn Imbrie studied dance at Cabrillo College and UCSC, where she received her BA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Dance. She continued her training at workshops in both Maine and Seattle. She has performed in works directed and choreographed by Tandy Beal, Regina DeCosse, Martha Curtis and Elina Mooney. She has been a SPECTRA artist since 1990 and a resident artist/teacher at Westlake Elementary since 1995. She blends methods found in Orff Schulwerk and can also involve arts integration practices.

Credential: Substitute Permit.

email: cdawnimbrie@yahoo.com
phone: (831) 462-3423

Explore! Experiment! Delve! Creative Expression Through Dance and Traditional/Folk Dance (circles, lines, squares)

Dawn’s workshops are taught using the Conceptual Approach. She teaches the elements of dance: the body, movement, space, time, energy and form. The goal is for students to gain an understanding of the elements, skills and language of movement/dance, and use these expressively and creatively.
The lessons are formed with variety, interest, challenge and fun. They involve varied structures and assorted music. They incorporate individual, partner and group skills, rhyming exercises and song. Dawn uses shaping frameworks, props, movement sequences, improvisational and choreographic structures. Rhythm and music principles are woven throughout. Dances from a range of countries can be taught: Ireland, England, Russia, Sweden, Mexico and more! The skills learned in the classes combine to promote self confidence, problem solving, creative thinking, risk-taking, respect for self and others, cooperation, communication and inspiration. This workshop meets the standards for the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework and the National Standards for Arts Education components: artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing/reflection and connections/relationships.

Grade level: K-5
Requirements: Multipurpose room/cleared classroom
Fee: $45/hr