Erin Irvine


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Erin has been teaching music to all ages for the last 20 years. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts from UCLA and a Master's degree from Rice University. She is the director of Wind Ensemble for Youth Music Monterey and the tenured bassoon instructor at UCSC. Her students have received music scholarships from major universities across the country.

phone: 323-422-1325

Introduction to Symphony Orchestra / Recorder

Erin Irvine is currently offering workshops and residencies incorporating an introduction to the Symphony Orchestra with beginning recorder. In these classes the students will gain knowledge of all instruments in the orchestra. Instruments will be demonstrated when possible. The students will also get the unique opportunity to learn how to read music and perform on the recorder. Workshops are 5 hours and are available for all elementary grades. The residencies are 8 hours and will provide a more in depth knowledge of the recorder and music reading. Residencies are recommended for grade 3 and above.

Fee: $65/hour plus $5 per student for personal recorder