Estrellas de Esperanza

Available for after school and weekend performances
Available to community

Available to Community

Student Performing Group - Estrellas de Esperanza, Children/Youth Mexican Dance Group, performs under the direction of dance instructor Ruby Ann Vasquez.

Ruby began Mexican folk dance at the age of 5. She grew up dancing the traditional dances throughout the tri-county area. In high school she helped to establish Danzantes del Valle and after graduating UCSC with her BA and teaching credential, Ruby began dancing with local company Esperanza del Valle, where she is now assistant director.

10 years ago she established Estrellas de Esperanza, a community Mexican dance group for children 5 to 18 years of age. Currently Estrellas has about 35 dancers, all from the PVUSD schools and they enjoy showcasing the Mexican culture via the traditional dance form, outfits and music.

Estrellas de Esperanza is also available for community celebrations and events.

phone: 831-840-1564

Dances of Mexico: A Visual and Interactive Understanding of Mexican Dance (General Assembly)

Children's/Youth Mexican folk dance group, Estrellas de Esperanza presents a 1 ½ hour live presentation of Mexican folk dance, oral explanation of dances and opportunity for volunteers to learn basic steps. All dancers are PVUSD students.

Length of presentation can be revised to fit the scheduling needs of the school.

Grade Level: K - 12
Requirements: Dance space to accommodate up to a maximum of 12 dancers at one time (wood floor preferred. Please no lawn/grass area); Microphone and speakers; AV equipment compatible to a Mac (for music); Room to change outfits
Fees: 1 performance $300/2 consecutive performances $500