Gina Garcia

Visual Arts

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Gina Garcia is a dancer and visual artist. Originally from Guatemala, she has a B.F.A. from UCSC and the equivalent of a 3rd degree black belt in Capoeira. She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese and has worked extensively with English language learners. She has taught many residencies throughout the Monterey Bay area and taught with Mariposa’s Arts, Kids on Broadway, All About Theatre, and Pisces Moon Educational Theatre. She dances with the Dr. Shaffer & Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble and Raises do Brazil Capoeira.

Additional languages: Spanish and Portuguese

phone: (831) 325-5542

Learning About the World Through Dance

What better way to learn about different cultures than through their dance forms? This workshop sparks the interest of young minds by giving them new historical and social references and exposing them to different movements and spoken languages while improving coordination, flexibility, and special awareness.
Workshops or residencies may cover any or all of these dance types:
Brazilian (religious & social)
Afro-Modern (modern with African movement)
Creative Movement
Zumba for Kids
Hip Hop
World Dance Survey

Grade: K-8

Overview of Brazilian Dance

Students will watch, learn, and perform social dances such as the Samba and Forró, Diety and Orixá dances. They will also be introduced to Maculelé (a stick-fighting dance) and Capoeira.

Grade: 9-12

Mystics & Folklore

Through a variety of 2D and 3D mediums, the students will explore beliefs and traditions of various cultures. They will travel the world through time and learn about deities, shamans, mythical creatures and folklore of ancient and contemporary civilizations. They will then create exciting art pieces based on the traditions they have learned about while exploring how their personal experience relates to these subjects.

This hands-on workshop is a great way to help students become excited about history, anthropology and the exploration of different cultures. They will also develop fine art skills and learn to use a variety of mediums such as watercolor, pastels, charcoal, pencil, clay and more.
Available in Spanish.

Grade: K-8
Requirements: Classroom or multipurpose room
Fees: Hourly fee: $40. Additional materials fee.