Guilherme Oliveira Ferreira

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Guilhreme Oliveira Ferreira is a Capoeira Instructor originally from Brazil. He studied and taught Capoeira in Brazil with the group Capoeira Nação for 10 years and later trained with the world-renowned Capoeira group, Abadá. He received his B.A. in Physical Education from the Brazilian University, UNISINOS, in São Leopoldo. While living in the south of Brazil, Guilherme taught Capeoeira to children and adults, and participated in a social project that brought Capoeira classes to impoverished children living in the favelas (Brazilian ghettos). He emigrated to the U.S. one year ago and currently teaches Capoeira here in Santa Cruz at the Tannery Arts Center, trains and teaches with Raizes do Brazil Capoeira, and does performances and classes at elementary schools in the area. He speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

phone: (831) 818-4811

This class introduces children to Capoeira, a Brazilian Martial Art. Capoeira is a mixture of non-contact martial arts, dance and music, and it is played as a game. Students learn about Brazilian culture and history while working on flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. Capoeira classes are dynamic and joyful, with upbeat Brazilian music accompanying movements. Students are exposed to the Portuguese language through the names of the movements and the call-and-response songs that they learn to sing. Capoeira encourages artistic expression by allowing “open rodas” (freeplay sessions) in which students can “play” Capoeira with each other using both choreographed sequences from class and by improvising their own movements.

Grades: K-12
Fees: $40/hr
Requires: Multipurpose room

1 performance: $150, 2 consecutive performances: $250, 3 consecutive performances: $350