Heidrun Hoffman


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Heidrun Hoffman is a teacher, dancer, musician and rhythm therapist trained in the European tradition of calisthenics and movement. She has devoted her life to dance and rhythm, studying samba in Brazil and kathak in India, among other disciplines. Heidrun has performed in Europe and California and is the founder of DIRRID (Dance in Rhythm–Rhythm in Dance), a unique learning process that synthesizes creative play with dance and drumming. She completed the Invitational Leadership Institute with Bay CAP, started the Brain Gym Instructor training, and played with San Jose Taiko, Maze Daiko, and Singing Wood Marimba in Santa Cruz.

Credential: LSB - Berlin 1979
Additional Languages: German.

website: www.dirrid.com
email: heidrunhoffmann91@gmail.com
phone: (831) 419-9195

DiRRiD: Dance in Rhythm-Rhythm in Dance

This is a standards based rhythm education in combination with creative movement and brain gym. Heidrun guides students into the realm of expression through body rhythm. Students use stepping, clapping, singing and drumming to learn various basic rhythms. They are supported by an assortment of drums, gongs, cymbals and rattles from around the world. Students learn that rhythm exists in both the outer and inner worlds and gain a basic understanding of the tools that bring rhythmic expression into their daily life.

Groups of six or more children gather around a large bass drum of native American origin and play for their classmates as they dance and sing to the rhythms, bringing the program to an exciting climax.

Grade: K-6
Requirements:Classroom or multipurpose room Performance: 35min.
Fees: One Performance= $180
Two Consecutive Performances= $295
Three Consecutive Performances= $385

Percussion Rhythms

Heidrun provides percussion-minded students with an opportunity to try out different types of drums and other percussion instruments, exploring the different rhythms possible and learning to bring rhythmic expression into their daily lives.

Requirements: After school availability.
Fees: Hourly Fee: $50