Ibrahima (Ibou) N'gom


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Ibrahima (Ibou) N’gom is a professional drummer and dancer who was born into a Griot family of musicians in Senegal, West Africa, and he has been playing the talking drum and sabar since he was a child. Ibou spent four years performing with the Second Ballet national du Senegal and two years with Ballet Sinemew before emigrating to the U.S. in 1995. He is a recording artist who teaches and performs in schools and other venues in Santa Cruz and Oakland as a solo act and with his group Domu Africa.

Additional Languages: French, Spanish, and Wolof

website: www.domuafrica.freeservers.com
email: ibougriot@yahoo.com
phone: (831) 295-3125

Domu Africa: Children of Africa

Performance of traditional music, song and dance from West Africa by members of Domu Africa and Nyokobok.

Experience Senegal’s most popular forms of social dance and drumming, Sabar and Djembe. Colorful costumes, African instruments, beating drums and dancing feet bring Africa alive!

Grade: K-8
Requirements: Multipurpose room and one hour private performances also available - contact Ibou for information.
After School Availability
Fees: One Performance= $800
Two Consecutive Performances= $1200
Three Consecutive Performances= $1600

Introduction to West African Drumming

A hands-on experience of West African drumming or dance/drumming.
Drum: Students learn hand-drumming techniques, including tone, bass slap and interlocking multi-rhythmic structures. Ibou has a set of student-sized drums and percussion instruments that he will bring to you!
Dance and Drum: Students experience first-hand the relationship between drummer and dancer and learn about the social and cultural role of dance and music in West Africa. Students will learn to identify the break that prompts transitions in drumming and dance sequences.
Lesson plans are developmentally appropriate and components can be developed to dovetail with classroom curriculum.

Grade: K-8
Requirements: Multipurpose room or music room. Private classes also available - contact Ibou for information. After School Availability.
Fees: Hourly Fee: 4-6 weeks= $50; 7+ weeks= $40. Additional Materials Fee