Ilana Ingber

Visual Arts
Multidisciplinary: Mindfulness/yoga

Available to Community

Ilana Ingber, founder of Happy HeART Studio and Happy HeART Teacher Mentorship program, is a dedicated teacher of visual art, yoga, and mindfulness. She has her masters in Art and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and her 200-hour yoga certification from YogaWorks. For the last 10 years, Ilana has taught as an educator in public schools, private schools, museums, as well as yoga studios, and national conferences. She has served thousands of students from Kindergarten to adults. She began her career in New York City where she worked for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Learning through Art Program and Creativity Institute. She later taught at Success Academy Charter School and became the Art Content Lead, providing mentorship and professional development for art teachers across the network of 50 Success Academy schools. Ilana is an active member of the National Art Education Association and has presented at National Conventions on topics such as: Teaching Collaboration Skills through Painting Curriculum, Assessing Creativity, and Infusing Mindfulness Practices into the Art Studio. In 2016 Ilana opened Camp Happy Heart, an art-yoga day camp focused on peace advocacy at Common Roots Farm in Santa Cruz, CA. All her lessons infuse positive self talk, growth mindset, and compassion practice to teach children and adults tools for building resilience, self confidence, and to enhance creativity. Overall, Ilana is most committed to teaching herself and others how to create joy, love, and peace contributing to a kinder more compassionate world.

phone: 301-704-8996

Yoga - Art - Mindfulness - MASH UP!
Grades: 2-12
Requirements: Large classroom with space for movement and sink are encouraged

In this class series, students will learn tools for self study and increasing their positive self talk while simultaneously exploring the visual arts through a variety of medium. All lessons begin and end with a guided meditation to help students identify their emotional state, release stress, and practice self forgiveness, self kindness, and compassion. Students will then be lead in an art exploration, where they are given permission to explore mixed media materials. Students will learn to see mistakes as opportunities for problem solving and encouraged to practice determination with a growth mindset. The main goals of this class are to:
Teach students tools for self care and self compassion
Increase student’s creative thinking skills through a variety of art challenges
Increase student wellness and decrease stress and fear of making mistakes

Depending on how long the period is, students might also be lead in simple yoga postures as movement breaks.

Teacher Wellness Coaching and Professional Development
For teachers

To support classroom teachers in developing:
1)    a personal mindfulness practice that will contribute to their wellbeing and effectiveness as a teacher
2)   a mindful classroom practice that:
- infuses social emotional learning goals into general education lessons seamlessly, so that the social emotional goals support and overlay the learning goals in a way that enhances the curriculum rather than taking away from it (topics addressed will be: growth mindset, positive self talk, collaboration, self compassion, generosity, kindness, tone of voice, respecting differences)
- helps students develop a growth mindset (the knowledge that their abilities are not fixed but can develop through effort
3)     the tools (both physical infrastructure and emotional strategies) to create mindful moments in their classroom, to enhance student creativity, empathy, relaxation, ability to connect with peers, and self-compassion:
- teachers will learn how to create mindful experiences in different components of the class (i.e. mini lesson, work time, share, clean up, and reflection time) as well as how to help scholars navigate moments of frustration and strong emotions

Mindfulness and Art Exploration
Grades: K-12

Students will learn tools for self reflection and self study. Every art class will begin and end with a meditation so students can begin to practice noticing their internal experience. Students will also practice increasing positive self talk, self forgiveness, and self compassion. All artists will be challenged to create mixed media artworks through guided exploration. Students will be challenged to discover the limits and possibilities of their materials by exploring like scientists all the ways the materials can be used.

Collaboration Through the Arts
Grades: K-12
Requirements: Large classroom with sinks if possible

This course is designed to increase student’s collaboration skills! Students will learn to work in teams to create paintings and mixed media artworks. Topics discussed include: tone of voice, non-violent communication, negotiating skills, strategies for working productively in teams.

All art lessons will be focused on interpersonal skills and team working experience.