Jay Bhukhan

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Jay Bhukhan (also known as “Khan” or “J Khan”) is a Hip-Hop performing artist, community based researcher, and educator with over 5 years experience working with youth in schools and community settings. Working mostly in low-income schools, and usually with students labeled “at-risk,” Jay emphasizes a pedagogy that incorporates creative expression, research, and critical analysis. Working with UCSC's Community Psychology Research and Action Team, he was trained in participatory action research (PAR). PAR is an empowering educational paradigm that invites students to become expert documentarians of their lived experiences. Jay’s contributions to groundbreaking projects have lead to student produced artwork, including a mural that won Best Public Art in Santa Cruz County in 2015.

Jay currently offers a Photovoice course in which students learn to use photography as a powerful tool to communicate personal and collective narratives (see course description for more info).

email: Jbhukhan920@gmail.com
phone: (209) 556-3413


The explosion of social media centered around photo taking has made photography increasingly popular among youth. And these days a decent camera is more accessible than ever. This course gives students practical and conceptual tools to be intentional with the cameras in their pockets. Students will learn to think about the stories they can tell with photographs, and to appreciate the power of their voice through photography, research, & analysis.

Through individual and small group activities, students will be introduced to the basics of photography and photovoice, then practice photo analysis through a provided framework. Next, students will answer a specific prompt as “documentarians” using photovoice. From there, students can share and analyze individual stories, then collaborate to create a collective narrative. After this point, there is flexibility in terms of the specific direction this course can take. Examples from the past include: a photography + research findings exhibition for the school community; the creation of a book containing student photography and stories to house at the school, with copies provided for each participating student.

Note: This course is flexible. Collaborating teacher is encouraged to discuss with the Teaching Artist their options for the specific direction of this course. Student input in the direction of the project is encouraged. Core concepts can easily be integrated with other subjects and/or adjusted to meet standards. Please contact Jay to see examples of student produced work.

Requires (classroom type, rehearsal time, etc.): Projector Screen, Computers w/ Internet access, camera-phone (we will provide a disposable camera for students who do not have access to a camera-phone).

Grades: 7 - 12
Fee: $40/hour