Joe Mailloux

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Joe Mailloux is a professional percussionist and founder of Bateria Samba Cruz (a community-percussion ensemble), he teaches at the Linscott School exploratory program, and lives and teaches private lessons at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA. He holds a B.A. in Music from Humboldt State University and a Masters of Music from Long Beach State University where he taught samba for world percussion classes, and he focused his master’s thesis on applying Ghanaian (Ewe) drumming to drum-set.

Versed in hand drums, Western, drum-set, and contemporary percussion, Joe has performed professionally in settings ranging from cruise-line house bands and symphony orchestras, to Hong Kong and bay area parades and festivals. Having a unique access to renowned master musicians of Brazilian, Cuban, Caribbean, and West African musical traditions, Joe has accumulated a breadth of cross-stylistic insight from his studies,performance experience, and directorial opportunities. His influences have grown to include calypso, blues, rock, and jazz, as well as Afro-Cuban, Afro-Haitian, Guinean, Ghanaian, Modern, Samba, Afro-Brazilian, Candomblé, and Maracatu. He has studied extensively in Brazil and attended California Brazil Camp and CSU Summer Arts World Percussion Workshops.

As an instructor, Joe dedicates himself to providing classes and lessons to all ages, including, percussion-appreciation and world-music at summer camps, non-profit youth-group organizations, and after school classes. As the founder of Bateria Samba Cruz, Joe has played an integral part in creating a thriving community-performance group, with regular performances in the local and surrounding area.

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World Percussion Ensemble
Two units for this residency include 1) Bateria Samba Cruz, and 2) Introduction to Hand Drumming.

The goal for these performance-oriented percussion-workshops is to familiarize students with world percussion instruments, their musical traditions of origin, rhythms, and performances practices. Students will gain an understanding of music fundamentals through traditional Afro-centric music and concepts, gradually growing repertoire and ensemble cohesion.

The intrinsic goals of these workshops are to foster in participants self-confidence, fellowship, and joy through goal oriented, performance-based, ensemble music.

Grades: 6-12
After School Availability
Need: A space that accommodates loud volumes, load-in/out, set-up and breakdown (temporary storage for residencies is desirable)
Hourly rate: $40