Juan Ramón Gimeno

Available only to Schools

JUAN RAMON GIMENO is a ceramic sculptor from Spain. In late 2012 he moved to California, and joined studio 120 at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz. There he has been able to make new ceramic sculptures, some of them of great format, commissions for the County of Santa Cruz and also private clients. His artwork has been exhibited in several Art Galleries.

He only speaks Spanish.

website: www.juanramongimeno.com
email: tallerlacimadaceramica@hotmail.com
phone: 831-740-2322

As a teacher, he has done several collective ceramic art projects at Watsonville Charter School of Art. With students from kindergarten to seventh grade.

Students perform personal artwork, either in bas-relief or small sculptures that are then mounted within a collective work, large mural or collective sculpture. Students learn the basic techniques of clay manipulation and painting with under-glaze, in order to express themselves freely in three dimensions on suggested topics within a collective project. High-temperature stoneware, cone 8, with engobe application.


"Within twenty years" Creation of a large frieze along the marquee of the courtyards of the school, composed by tile in relief, which each student will perform individually on his vision of the future.

This is a specific proposal for WCSA to be made in the next course, with students of different grades.

Fee: $ 35/hour

Plus materials and fires.

Not open to additional schools/residencies at this time