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Lynn Guenther is a well-known local artist whose work has been featured many times in the Open Studios Art TourĀ©. Her classes are designed to be inspirational, stirring a sense of wonder in the student for art and nature. Focusing on our local watershed, she takes advantage of the natural compatibility of art and science; both based on observation, experimentation, design, problem solving, pattern recognition, analogy and conceptual thinking. All classes connect with the California Standards and serve as curriculum enrichment for Science, History, Social Studies and English (poetry).

phone: (831) 425-0574

Art & Science Workshops

Exploring Watershed and Ocean Ecology Through Art and Poetry Each class is designed to educate and inspire by combining nature exploration and the arts, nurturing respect for and understanding of the local environment. Classes are interwoven with natural and cultural history and help students to develop a sense of belonging to a particular place and helps teachers integrate art and poetry into core curriculum subjects, especially science. This program promotes literacy in all of its forms, with a special emphasis on ecological literacy. Each class includes exciting visual presentations, demonstrations and hands-on opportunities using quality tools and materials to produce thoughtful expressive work.

Can also be used to prepare for the River of Words Art and Poetry Contest (see and other contests.

Choose a combination of the following disciplines to create an inspirational learning experience:

Nature Journaling
Drawing and Painting (Pencil, Pen & Ink, Color Pencil, Charcoal, Scratchboard, Pastel, Watercolor, Tempera, and Acrylic)
Scientific Illustration
Plein Air painting
Map Making
Sculpting in paper, clay, metal or recycled materials
Poster Design
Nature Writing
Local History
Plant and Animal Identification
Water Testing (sponsored by the Resource Conservation District)

Create an Art and Nature Journal

At the foundation of the Art & Nature classes is journaling. A journal will be created for writing and drawing- collecting "bones" for artwork, poetry and scientific discovery. Students are shown examples of important historical journals from scientists, explorers, naturalists, and artists. They will learn about their own watershed, its importance in their lives and about the plants and animals they share it with, as well as valuable writing and drawing techniques. Students are encouraged to explore their community- emphasizing direct, investigative experience and expression

Grade: All Ages
Fees: $50/hr
Studio Location:
215 Walk Circle
Santa Cruz, CA 95060