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Since 1979 the internationally known Magical Moonshine Theatre has been providing youth and family oriented puppet and mask performances in California. MMT has received numerous awards and honors including 3 UNI Awards (puppetry equivalent of an Oscar) and been rated "Exemplary" by the California Arts Council Theatre Panel. Artistic Director Michael Nelson studied puppetry with Muppet creator Jim Henson at the International Institute of Puppetry, has taught puppet arts at the college level as well as for teachers, children and theatre professionals in addition to directing and performing. Frequently heard quote: "…the best assembly program we ever had."

Contact Information for Michael and Valerie Nelson listed below

phone: 707 363 -4573

Animal Folktales of the Americas

Description: This award winning series contains many titles, all of which are adaptations of traditional animal folktales told on the American continents. The ever-growing repertoire includes Native American, Latin American, African American, and Asian American tales, told with puppets, masks, actors and music.

Many programs are bilingual (Spanish/English). Themes vary and it is suggested that interested parties visit the MMTheatre website at for more detailed information.

Drama Residency/Workshop

Description: As one of the highest ranked California Arts Council Artists in Schools, Magical Moonshine Theatre has years of experience teaching drama and puppetry to the State Content Standards. We can offer custom activities to fit your curriculum or help you choose from a large variety of workshops we have developed. Workshops often tie in with other subjects. Examples of past workshop activites range from basic (drama games and activities to develop skills) to comprehensive (ex. 5th grade students research, write scripts, create puppets and perform short skits based upon conflicting world views revolving around "explorers and indigenous peoples," or third graders create, perform and compare shows based on Three Pigs folktales from various cultures such as "Three Goslings" from Italy, "Three Hares" from Turkey, etc.)

Workshop/Residency Fees: Varies according to duration and complexity. Performance Fees: One Performance $585 Two Performances $895 Three Performances $1150 Additional Languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish