Maria Chomentowski

Visual Arts

Available only to Schools

Maria Chomentowski is a mixed media artist and teacher with a masters in fine arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Maria has taught a variety of art classes to children and teens in Santa Cruz and Vermont, including nature journaling, large puppet making and performance, cyanotype making with native plants, bookmaking, and creative drawing. In her own work Maria uses discarded materials and imbues them with new life, in detailed texturous pieces in the public and private realms.

phone: 831-426-7708

The Art and Nature Journaling

Students are guided through activities in which they observe and interpret what they see in nature using pencil drawing and a variety of media including watercolor and pen and ink. Students go more deeply into the essence of what they are seeing through descriptive writing, note taking, discussion, and using eye loups to discover hidden worlds.

Beginning with contour drawing, then building skills such as shading, depth and color, art lessons are always intertwined with nature, for example identifying and drawing native plants, insects and learning to see detail. Classes involve interaction, cooperation and games.

Grade Level: 3-12
Requirements: Can be held outside or modified for the classroom.
Fees: $40 an hour.