Marigold Fine

Community Artist

Available only to Schools

Marigold Fine has a BS in Journalism and Communications. The owner of Full Circle Video Productions, Marigold is a video artist and producer, whose media and educational experience spans more than 25 years and includes camerawork, editing and scriptwriting. She has been a freelance video producer since 1984 and a SPECTRA artist since 1990, creating award-winning documentaries and educational videos.

phone: (831) 459-8300

Video Production Techniques: Creating a Mini-Documentary

Description: Students will be introduced to the basics of video camerawork. Using school or student provided video cameras, the students will learn the purpose and function of the camera’s menu controls, settings and audio capabilities as well as the aesthetics of framing, zooming and camera angles. The emphasis is on acquiring interesting imagery. Students will create a mini-documentary as part of the learning process, giving them an opportunity to use the camera both technically and creatively. The artist will consult with and advise students on scripting, lighting, angles, music, sound effects, backdrops, props, titles, special effects and the camera techniques most appropriate for their chosen communication goals.

Hourly Fee: $50 ($35 for semester long residencies)

Talking Heads: Video Interview Workshop

Description: Students have the opportunity to interview and learn more about people of interest to them. Subjects may be drawn from school staff, community members or fellow students. Student interviewers will develop the skills to get to the heart of the information they want to know and learn the principle of asking “open questions” to invite extended replies. They also learn to develop and ask follow-up questions. Although this is not a technical workshop, those students bringing video cameras will receive basic instructions in shooting style, framing, angles and positioning, microphones, lighting and backgrounds.

Hourly Fee: $50 ($35 for semester long residencies)

Video Theater: Videotaping a Performance

Description: The classroom teacher will select dramatic material to be developed. The artist will videotape portions of the production process, giving the students immediate feedback on their progress in acting, staging, blocking costuming, and set design. The artist will offer tips and techniques for improving performance skills. Students will receive feedback and will be stimulated by the creative process of video as the workshop progresses. The artist will document the refined, completed performance, culminating in a special viewing.

Hourly Fee: $50 ($35 for semester long residencies)