Martina Goulart

Visual Arts
Available only to Schools

As an artist I explore and combine many art materials and techniques to express my ideas. I enjoy creating artwork that both adults and children will enjoy. My work includes drawings, watercolor and acrylic paintings, illustrations, murals, screen-printing, and ceramics. I authored coloring books that promote not only creativity, but also include academic learning.

As an art teacher I guide my students' learning. I purposely challenge their creative thinking, promote problem-solving,confidence, non-verbal communication, dedication, accountability, focus and perseverance through art. My art lessons connect and build upon previous knowledge to expand the information and show many different ways how to express personal ideas and interpret the world around us. The main focus of my art lessons are the art skills, different art techniques and the creative thinking that goes with it. I believe, that creative and innovative thinking are among skills that our children need not only for their future jobs, but also to succeed at school and their everyday life.

phone: 408-489-1963

Art and Literature

This program is designed to introduce art to young students. It addresses the California Visual Arts State Standards and is connected to children's literature. Choice of a literature is flexible. Students will learn about, use and explore various art materials and art techniques. They will use their creative thinking to create a number of original artwork inspired by children's literature and/or known children's illustrator.

Learning goals include:
1. Students will identify different kind of lines.
2. Students will identify organic and geometric shapes.
3. Students will create texture in artwork.
4. Students will learn about the color wheel.
5. Students will learn about and compare the art of Maurice Sendak, Eric Carl (4 sessions), and Georgia O'Keeffe, Vasily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse (8 sessions).
6. Students will think creatively to produce an original artwork.
7. Students will practice their fine motor skills by cutting, gluing, drawing and painting.

Grade Level: TK - 2nd
Classroom Requirements: Regular classroom setting
Fees: $40/hr
4 1.5 hour sessions + 0.5 hour prep = 8 hours
8 1.5 hour sessions + 0.5 hour prep = 16 hours
Additional materials fee.

Still Life Inspiration

This program is designed to teach students observation skills but also various art techniques and approaches to artistic expressions. Students will think creatively about different ways to express their ideas to create an original artwork. They will be using various still life compositions as a reference to their drawing and painting. The program addresses the California Visual Arts State Standards.

Learning goals include:
1. Students will use sketching to brainstorm their ideas and composition.
2. Students will practice their observational skills to be able to understand and correctly draw what they see in terms of size, proportion and light.
3. Students will understand how to create the illusion of space in artwork.
4. Students will learn about composition.
5. Students will identify different types of lines and shapes.
6. Students will practice shading.
7. Students will use, and mix paint to create an artwork.
8. Students will understand the terms realistic, abstract, representative, non-representative, collage.

Grade Level: 3rd - 8th
Classroom Requirements: Regular classroom setting
Fees: $40/hr
4 1.5 hour sessions + 0.5 hour prep = 8 hours
8 1.5 hour sessions + 0.5 hour prep = 16 hours
Additional materials fee.

Collaborative Art

I love to work on collaborative projects with the students. It always amazes me, with how many different ideas and variations the students come up with. Students will learn about art techniques, design approaches, and fully engage their creative thinking to
collaboratively work and create a unique piece of art. Some ideas for collaborative projects include murals, huge paintings, collage, free standing sculptures, reliefs, assemblage or hanging sculptures made out of for example wood, cardboard, paper, ceramics,
natural materials, fabric, recycled material. Other ideas include artwork on functional items such as benches, chairs, tables, trays, chess tables, mirrors and such suitable for school auction, as gifts or simply to beautify the school campus. Contact me to discuss projects!

Grade Level: TK - 8th
Fees: $40/hr