Monica Galvan

Visual Art
Available only to Schools

Monica Galvan is an Art Teaching Artist with Mariposa's Art. Ms. Galvan has worked with the program for 6 months and specializes in curriculum development and working with middle and high school students. She graduated from UC Berkley with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Practice and received awards for her academic and artistic success including High Honors for her Studio Art, Art Practice, and Arts in Spanish. Although creating art has always been apart of Ms. Galvan’s life, she began showing her work professionally in 2011. Her sculptures, photography, drawings, and paintings have since been exhibited at the Cabrillo College Gallery, the Worth Ryder Art Gallery, and the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery for multiple exhibits. Ms. Galvan began teaching art in 2015 at Coronado Elementary in Richmond, CA, where she developed standards based arts curriculum for their 6th graders.


Expressive Painting With Layers

Painting expressively requires complete trust in ones capabilities. It evokes the freedom for the artist to create without judgment and explore their creativity. Through an 8 week program students will learn the skills that will make them capable of full self-expression. Starting with drawing techniques that will cultivate students understanding of shape, composition and texture, then leading to painting methods, design principles and color characteristics. The act of layering emphasizes the ever-changing state of artwork and allows students to let loose and experiment within the medium. Discussions about past and current artists will be an inspiration to students throughout the 8 weeks.

Fee: $40/hr
Requires: Classroom with a sink required. 1 hour class time preferred.