Noelle Correia

Visual Arts

Available only to Schools

Additional Languages: Portuguese, Spanish

phone: (831) 588-4869

Cultural Anthropology and Art Workshop

This is a visual culture and art making workshop for children. Utilizing an anthropological approach to art making and folkloric art, we will be studying art practices from around the world through books, stories, music, and short documentaries and applying what we learn to our own projects. Each week we will focus on a different cultural art practice through observation and hands on application. The structure of each class consists of a short discussion of the concept of each week and an introduction to the materials we will be using. We will look at documentaries and slides of various inspiring artists from around the globe. I will show works that demonstrate togetherness, organization, and spiritual consciousness. This will thus demonstrate that artists as individuals from diverse backgrounds are broad thinkers, resourceful problem solvers, and compassionate beings. This is an opportunity for students to dive deeper into the nuances and cultural context of various regions of the world through the visual arts. Students will learn to apply the bases of art learning such as artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic valuing, to art practices and art work from a cross-cultural perspective.

K-12 * After school availability *
Hourly Fee: $45 - Discount of 10% if a contract is established before the school year begins or for long residencies.