Oliver Whitcroft

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Oliver Whitcroft originated in Bolinas, California and is an multi-disciplinary artist and musician. His mediums range from drawing and painting to photography, video, printmaking, animation, calligraphy, ceramics and beyond. Musically he is a beatmaker drawing on all types of music and instruments to loop, sample and create hip hop and electro-acoustic music. His artistic achievements include 6 years of radio programming on KZSC, a handful of curated and solo shows around the Bay Area, a short documentary on his alma mater art program and a stop motion animation. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking from UCSC and when he is not working with kids, he is studying alternative processes in photography, digital fabrication and music at Cabrillo. He loves to share, inspire and experiment with sounds, imagery and ideas all around the studio of the world. His favorite things to do are listen to the radio, make soup, drink tea, read and play piano