Paul De Worken

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Paul De Worken

Paul has worked with many media throughout his life, but he prefers mural painting. “You have to put your whole body into painting a large painting on a wall and when you are outside in the public's view you become a performer painting live. I also enjoy connecting, receiving feedback, and having participation from the community as we paint.” In addition to being Mural Teacher with Mariposa’s Art, Paul has worked with PVUSD for 9 years and is currently an Enrichment Specialist for the After School Program at Rolling Hills Middle School.

He graduated from Cal State University of Monterey Bay in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Public Art with a concentration on Mural Painting and Arts Education.

Paul is also very involved with the arts community, including organizations like Santa Cruz County Arts Commission, Santa Cruz Art League, and Pajaro Valley Arts Council. He is recent recipient of the California Peace Award for Santa Cruz County 2014.

Paul co-founded The Mural Alleyway Project to paint murals in alleyways in an attempt to beautify and inspire an area that normally doesn't have access to art and murals. He also owns and operates Monterey Bay Murals in Watsonville.

phone: (831) 600-5445