Sarah Newman

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Sarah Newman is a musician/ teacher with training in human development and special education. She has a B. A. from UCSC with a Jazz Minor specializing in Alto Saxophone. During five years teaching private lessons: piano, saxophone, and rock bands with Be Natural Music Santa Cruz, and several years teaching music; singing, bells and rhythm instruments in local classrooms, she has developed a unique approach to bringing music to young children. Her teaching method combines playing color coded bells and pianos with singing culturally relevant and contemporary songs.

phone: 831-331-7777

Singing with Rainbow Hand Bells

Children sing songs appropriate to grade level and aligned to curriculum themes, culture, and geography while learning basic music theory and vocabulary. Children play color coded hand bells and pianos that make learning to read music fun and easy.

Words and music notations are displayed on large poster boards with corresponding color coding. The bells are sorted into chord triads, so that each group can play when directed and the whole class participates in playing the chords while singing the melody. On piano days, the color coded pianos reinforce the learning of music notation and melodies.

Alternatively, rhythm instruments and clap counts are used. Videos of a variety of songs can support children’s understanding of the cultural relevance of the musical selections.
The goal is for students to feel confident in their voice and in basic music knowledge and vocabulary.

Learning basic music theory; rhythm, harmony, melody, supports students’ literacy development.

Grade Level: K-6
Requirements: Need computer projector, prefer open seating on floor or chairs to make a circle
Fees: $45 an hour
Additional fees: $120 – $150 depending on class size