Shane Mann

Visual Arts

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phone: 831 238 0163

Sci Fi Astronomy, Mixed Media Drawing and painting

Using pencil, color pencil, water color, gauche, and pastels, students will learn to use their imagination through drawing and painting science fiction. The students will focus on compositional drawing and design principles in creating their works. The projects chosen will be based on the latest information in astronomy and science fiction stories, novels, and films. This class is designed to stimulate imagination, curiosity of what is or could be. Inventive ideas that may arise will be approached by finding solutions and creating ways to bring them to life in their projects.

Standards: Grade 7 Fine Arts

The use of design and the expression of qualities needed to create a unique work of art.

Create a work of art that is an expression of a personal demonstration of skill applied to elements and principles of design.

Develop and apply specific criteria as a group to assess and critique works of art

Examine art as both 2 and 3 D images, comparing how different visual representations of the same idea lead to different visual interpretations of the same object.

In the critique, Interpret its meaning and describe the results.

Grade level: 2-8
Fees: $35/hr
Materials fee: $500, negotiable depending on class size