Sheila Sanford

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Sheila Sanford earned both her B.F.A and M.F.A in Indonesian Performance from the California Institute of the Arts. After graduation, she studied classical dance at the Indonesian Fine Arts Academy on a two-year scholarship from the Indonesian government. She continues to make periodic trips to Indonesia to study and document dance. Sheila also has an Emergency Credential and has worked as a substitute teacher in Santa Cruz County and has taught after-school programs in the Soquel School District.

Credential: Emergency Substitute
Additional Languages: Indonesian

phone: (831) 600-8514

Introduction to Indonesian Dancing

Students learn to perform a traditional Indonesian dance with an emphasis on developing focus, body awareness, performance technique, teamwork, and group accomplishment. There will also be a consideration of musicality as it relates to the dance.

Each lesson includes a warm-up and students will learn new movement as well as reviewing previous material in order to memorize and refine technique. Lessons will be placed in historical/cultural context with the goal of fostering multicultural understanding and appreciation through the fun of movement.

The connection between Indonesian arts and culture will be explored through the dance and presentations of cultural artifacts (traditional dress, dance costumes, batik, puppets, music and masks) as well as through Sheila’s personal experience.

For the final session, Sheila will host a selamat’an, a party traditionally held to acknowledge mutual gratitude for a shared accomplishment. Student dance will be videotaped and a classroom copy made. Teachers may also choose to have the students perform for schoolmates and/or parents.

Long-term residencies available
Long-term residencies provide exploration of Indonesian dance in greater detail with more emphasis on the study of isolated movement and on gaining a deeper understanding of musical context. As part of the residency, students will choreograph their own short pieces as well as perform a traditional dance.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to produce their own art projects based on traditional Indonesian arts (e.g., shadow puppets, costumes, etc.), and learn some Indonesian phrases and some of the traditional stories that form the basis for Indonesian performing arts. Through the extension of the dance lessons, students will gain an understanding of the links between art, culture and daily life.

Needs:Multipurpose room or classroom with large floor space
Mirror preferred
Electrical outlets

Hourly Fee: $40 ($35 for semester long residency)
After School Availability