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Tandy Beal & Company is planning another inspiring year for ArtSmart 2016-2017! To learn 21st century skills through art experiences with professional artist-teachers, we are bringing all new artists, an expanded Residency Program and our Professional Development Workshops for teachers! For more details about ArtSmart, please visit our website and watch our ArtSmart Video.

website: tandybeal.com
email: tandybealcompany@gmail.com
phone: (831) 335-1187

There are 4 ways your school can participate in these Art Learning opportunities:


Professional award-winning Bay Area artists perform AT YOUR SCHOOL!

$1,000 = 1 performance plus 15 minute post-show classroom visits by the artists
$1,200 = 2 back-to-back performances plus 15 minute post-show classroom visits by the artists

Contact: tandybealcompany@gmail.com for a list of artists and to book a school concert


Tandy Beal & Company offers our award-winning residency, Dance Around the World (DATW). In DATW, each classroom explores a different culture, researching the music, dance, weather, and food of that country, thus broadening their sense of place in the larger world. Students develop teamwork, concentration, geographic knowledge, and respect for the diversity of beauty in other cultures and art forms, and a greater involvement with the power of art and imagination. With classes during school-time, all children have equal access to this arts program.

DATW is a 4-12 week classroom residency led by master teachers Paula Bliss or Saki Tamao and culminates in a final performance in which students share the stage with professional local dancers of various world traditions. Contact: tandybealcompany@gmail.com to schedule your residency today!

Integrating Visual and Kinesthetic Learning with Common Core Standards

Tandy Beal & Company presents a Professional Development Workshop in which teachers and artists develop fun, practical, fun, informative and fun strategies to connect Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication to curriculum. We use dance, music, creative problem solving, and rhythm as an effective way to help children strengthen Common Core and curriculum skills.

Utilizing visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning tools, we help you cultivate a core set of skills and capacities. Using these art tools, we practice the discipline (and joy!) of close observation and sustained inquiry. We then forge further connections with additional areas of knowledge: world geography, language, social studies, science, and math.

This workshop can range from 1-4 hours in length or held as a multi-day in-service. with one or more of the following Master Teachers: Paula Bliss (who teaches an Arts Education class for education majors at SJ State) or Tandy Beal

Any school participating in the concert series can reserve a workshop for free. Otherwise there is a $200 fee. Contact: tandybealcompany@gmail.com to schedule a Professional Development workshop for your school or district.


Tandy Beal & Company presents award-winning artists in music and dance at the gracious Mello Center in Watsonville from Oct 2015 - May 2016. Email for a full schedule!

Artists include: singers SoVoSó, Afro-Cuban music with John Santos, Dance with Micha Scott, Venezuelan music with Jackie Rago, world dance, and more.

Is there a charge? Although tickets cost us $7 each, thanks to our donors, we can bring to Santa Cruz County schools tickets for $2 each. We ask that you apply for the SPECTRA arts matching grant which, if received, means the cost to your school is $1 a ticket.

*How to Save Your Seats for ArtSmart at the Mello!
Email TandyBealCompany@gmail.com with your requested number of seats per show. Seats will be reserved when direct payment is received by Sept 4th or when an application is submitted for the Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s SPECTRA matching grant fund (deadline Sept 4th). As long as you apply for funding, whether you receive it or not, we will work with you to ensure this opportunity. Early reservations are highly recommended as tickets are first come, first served.

Matching Grant Application details here.

Examples of pricing and ideas for reservations:
$100 choices: 100 seats at one concert or 30 seats at 3 concerts
$250 choices: 250 seats at one concert, or 125 seats at 2 concerts, or 60 seats at 4 concerts
$500 choices: 125 seats at 4 concerts, or 500 seats at 1 concert, or 100 seats at 5 concerts
$1000 choices: 250 seats at 4 concerts, or 750 seats at one entire concert plus 250 at another concert, or 160 seats at 6 concerts
$1,500 reserves 125 seats at EACH of 6 shows

*Any commitment $1,500 and over includes a pre-concert school visit to introduce the series, discuss concert etiquette, and answer questions. This can be for teachers or the student body. As always, Tandy Beal & Company provides pre-concert materials and study guides to help you prepare your students and integrate arts learning with your curriculum. Each concert has elements of interactivity for maximum student engagement.

Contact: tandybealcompany@gmail.com for the full schedule and to reserve your seats today!