Tanya Yvette Naps

Visual Arts

Available to Community

Tanya Yvette trained intensively in the areas of Drawing, Painting, Printmaking & Sculpture at The Nation’s oldest Museum and School, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She later moved to Miami, further developing her personal style, spearheading outreach initiatives and instructing students in both classroom & individual settings. Paint Atelier is a classically based fine art school that teaches youth and adults the principals and techniques of painting. Following Beaux Arts tradition, students learn the methods of “The Masters,” while still being encouraged to express, explore, and experiment.

website: www.paintatelier.com
email: tydesigninc@gmail.com
phone: 831.251.5590

The Wings of a Haiku Song

This is a collaborative public art project composed of student work that is inspired by the book, Sadako and the 1,000 Paper Cranes. Students will learn the disciplines of origami, drawing, printmaking, and poetry to create a mixed media work of art.

The goal of this workshop is to facilitate academic learning through creatively developed cross-cultural analysis, with a focus on the message of peace.

Students will discuss the historical context surrounding the book, Sadako and the 1,000 Paper Cranes (based on WWII bombings in Japan). They will relate the book’s message to the theme of anti-violence in their own country. Using an appropriation of the Haiku poem, they will write original compositions that advocate peace. The student poems, accompanied by individualized anti-violence/peace symbols, will suspend from origami Cranes. These will then be assembled to hang collectively from a large wooden frame that outlines the wingspan of a Crane in flight.

Grade levels: 5-12
Requirements: General classroom area, 4 weeks, 1 day per week.
Fees: $50 an hour