Yasmina Porter

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Yasmina Porter has 10 years experience as a Spanish bilingual classroom teacher and creates a vibrant and safe learning environment through dance and storytelling.  She has danced with the National Dance Company of Ghana and teaches in Tandy Beal's Around the World dance program. She has been a dance teacher at Cabrillo College for the last 10 years.

email: yasminaporter@gmail.com
phone: (510) 326-5037

African Dance/Storytelling

This workshop is designed to get kids moving and thinking about how we are connected as a human family starting from our roots in Africa. A one time workshop is a special treat, but a 3 week workshop culminating in a performance for parents is ideal. Yasmina Porter teaches dances in the way she learned in her village in Ghana, West Africa. She intermingles dance and storytelling to teach the value of community, perseverance, and gratitude for our unique individual and cultural gifts. Students will learn to recognize the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of dance as outline in strand 3 of the State Visual Applied and Performing Arts standards. The workshop can be one day to seven days, culminating in a performance, such as for black history month. Each day would focus on one activity, thereby creating multiple layers of complexity for a final performance. The days are outlined below, each number indicating one hour of curriculum.

Students will learn the Ghanaian dance Kpanlogo and the cultural context out of which the Kpanlogo dance was created.
Students will learn a song to sing with the Kpanlogo dance and discuss traditional costuming.
Students will learn the traditional meanings of the movements in Kpanlogo.
Students will understand African dance as a tool for
creating community
honoring the divine
stress relief and positive well being
recording history
social commentary or political protest
celebrating the harvest or abundance within our community
Students will hear one Ananse story about working together as a community.
Students will sing, dance and embody the understandings they have gained in the workshop in a final choreographed performance.

All ages
Hourly Fees: $45 ($60/hr with a live drummer)

Dancing Through the Decades

This workshop is excellent for black history month and can be performed as an assembly with Yasmina Porter in collaboration other SPECTRA Artists, a one time classroom workshop, or a 3 class series culminating in performance by the students. Dancing through the decades gives students a brief historical overview of African American contributions to dance in the United States. Students will learn one dance from each decade from 1930-1990.1930/1940’s Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug

1950 Twist

1960 The Hitchhiker, The Swim

1970 Disco, The Bump

1980 Breakin', Popping , The Robot

1990 Freestyle, MC Hammer Dance

All ages
Hourly Fees: $45 ($60/hr with a live drummer)