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ZunZun celebrates the environments and cultures of the Americas through music. This credentialed husband and wife duo has performed for more than 150,000 people in 14 countries. Their shows use a wide variety of folkloric instruments to highlight the rich cultures and environments of North, Central and South America. ZunZun’s shows are always multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese and English), energetic and humorous.

website: www.zunzuntunes.com
email: zunzun@zunzuntunes.com
phone: Stephen Snyder and Gwynne Cropsey (831) 426-0684

La Selva Canta: The Rainforest Sings

ZunZun has spent many years in the rain forests of the Americas and brought back magical stories of snakes, sloths, and many other creatures and musical creations of monkeys, bird calls and night-time symphonies, emphasizing biodiversity and folklore.

For all:
Needs: Multipurpose room and 45-60 min.
One Performance $850
Two Consecutive Performances

Musica de las Americas, Musica de Amistad

The rich traditions of Africa, Europe and Native Americans come together to create the unique music of Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. ZunZun plays more than 25 instruments in this most popular of ZunZun shows. Lots of audience participation and an emphasis on cultural diversity and history.

Cantas del Mar: Songs of the Sea

The landscapes of the sea are brought to life through musical creations using a wide variety of folkloric instruments from the Americas. Topics include sea turtles, ocean pollution and the lives of fisher people. Like the whales, ZunZun takes us on a musical migration along the coast of the Americas to celebrate our ocean planet. Filled with audience participation, this show emphasizes ecology and natural history.

Recycled Music

This show emphasizes the importance of recycling. ZunZun performs on instruments of the Americas that are derived from recycled materials, such as a steel drum, the marimbula and the cajon. Audience participate to create a batucada – samba band – of recycled materials and are encouraged to become innovative in their perspectives about recycling.

The Water Beat (Virtual)

A complete music and movement based water education program highlighting water cycle, properties of water, watershed protection and water conservation. Program uses Spanish and English, and unique folkloric instruments from around the world. Program is very physical, and students will be asked to get up and move throughout the program! Within program we also highlight math, literacy and cover many science standards.

Follow-up: We have a very complete online follow up to our live show, which includes many fun participation oriented videos, hands on science activities, storybooks, games and art projects. These would be made available to each teachers after our assembly.

Grades: K-6

Program Fees (negotiable):
1 performance: $500
2 consecutive performances: $750
3 consecutive performances: $1000

Requirements: Can be performed on most platforms (Zoom, YouTube, etc)