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Artists, would you like to be featured on a new website for art-loving locals?

The local Santa Cruz art site LocalSantaCruz.com is looking to feature local artists, their work, and their stories.

We will be working with LocalSantaCruz.com to help increase exposure leading up to Open Studios. In the mean time go ahead, jump on their site, and get some much deserved exposure for yourself! ow.ly/QrMM6
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Dyann Paynovich experiences Santa Cruz County as a virtual feast for the senses -- an artist's paradise. Between making art and her reservations coordinator jobs, she works day and night. She has new metal, fiber, and stone collections in store for us at Open Studios. ... See MoreSee Less

Today's Fab Four! Nora Dougherty, Bridget Henry, Beth Sherman, and Elizabeth Ngo (clockwise from top left). ... See MoreSee Less

By day, Donna Hills works as a communications consultant --crafting pictures with words -- making the complex simple and easy to understand. She is inspired by the play of light off leaves, the spiral of a feather falling, the sound of laughter, the feeling of joy. She tries to simply get out of her own way and let her soul speak of what it sees and feels. At Open Studios, she will present lots of new one-of-a-kind work -- from tall graceful vessels that feel like they're moving in the wind, to bowls that draw you in, and lots of other shapes that beg to be picked up and held for the pure pleasure of it. ... See MoreSee Less

Joan Hellenthal is inspired by nature... the beauty of the North Coast, her Bonny Doon surroundings, and her travels to Italy and Greece. This year at Open Studios, Joan will present large poppy field paintings inspired by her meadow, and several new small and affordable landscapes in oil and pastel. She teaches a weekly pastel painting class at the Santa Cruz Art League, which her students affectionately call "Friday morning with Joan." ... See MoreSee Less