Since 1979 Arts Council has fueled and supported the unique, ever-evolving Santa Cruz County arts ecosystem. We’re a private, non-profit agency made up of a staff, board, and volunteers dedicated to strengthening our Santa Cruz community through the arts.

Our Mission

Arts Council Santa Cruz County generates creativity, vibrancy, and connection.

Our Vision

A stronger Santa Cruz County, where creative expression thrives and the arts are integral to all aspects of our diverse community.

What We Do

We offer a variety of programs and services, including:

Open Studios Art Tour: One of the most popular annual arts events in Santa Cruz County. For more than three decades, we’ve connected artists to the community through this flagship program.

Grants: We invest more than $200,000 annually in artists and arts organizations in Santa Cruz County.

Arts Education: The SPECTRA & Mariposa Arts programs provide arts education in public schools to more than 16,000 students.

Workforce Development: We support and develop the creative sector through meetups, workshops, professional development grants and fiscal sponsorships.

Collaborations & Initiatives: We work to strengthen our community through projects with unlikely partners, advocacy efforts, cultural tourism initiatives and more.

What We Believe

The arts have the potential to transform society. They allow people free expression. Artistic enjoyment gives us shared experiences that connect us all to community. The arts help people of all ages develop communication skills and engage in critical thinking. We are improving the quality of life in Santa Cruz County through supporting and advocating for the arts.

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