Tannery Arts Center

The Tannery Arts Center is a first-in-the-nation arts community that provides a sustainable, accessible and vibrant home for the arts in Santa Cruz County. Located at 1050-1070 River Street in Santa Cruz, the Tannery is home to 100 affordable live/work artist lofts, 20+ artist studios, Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center, Radius Gallery, Jewel Theatre, a cafe and the Arts Council’s North County offices.

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In 2016-17, the Arts Council worked with the full Tannery community to create a Tannery Community Plan, designed to help the Tannery thrive. View the video version of the plan here.

Based on the Community Plan, the Arts Council is stepping in to a new role on campus, providing leadership, communications, programming, and community-building support, to help the Tannery realize its vision as a center for artists, arts, and creativity. We welcome your feedback and involvement as we implement the Tannery Community Plan. Feel free to get in touch at tannery@artscouncilsc.org.

Thanks to the vision of these Tannery Community Plan investors:
Rowland & Pat Rebele
Bonnie Bernardi
Rebecca & Bud Colligan
Jeff Galipeaux & Robin Warbey
Nina & Sibley Simon
Hewlett Foundation
Packard Foundation
Monterey Peninsula Foundation