Guillermo "Yermo" Aranda

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Guillermo began mural painting while apprenticing with Mexican Muralist, Gilberto Ramirez, in 1969. Murals continue to be his main focus, although Guillermo states he has developed a refinement in his skills through the practice of multiple mediums. His work is defined as contemporary traditional art, reflecting an imagery of indigenous ancestry in the modern world with the timelessness of natural forms, juxtaposed against contemporary images, bold vibrant and alive. His images reflect old myths and legends, making full circle to the present.

Guillermo is a gifted and prolific artist, well known and celebrated in his community for his enormous contributions in mural painting. From San Diego to Santa Cruz, he has completed over 80 murals, the majority in the Santa Cruz and Monterey County areas. He has been commissioned and sponsored by a variety of agencies and organizations including the California Arts Council, Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz County Arts commission, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, Masca of San Jose, City of San Diego, and numerous public and private educational centers.

Additional Languages: Spanish

phone: (831) 970-0141

Mural Workshops

In the mural workshops, students will participate in every process of completing a mural: from initiating ideas, to sketching them, and eventually putting them on the wall. They will learn to take care of their brushes and learn to apply color where it is needed. Murals are one of the most memorable experiences a young student can have.

Students will:
Assist in concept development through research, drawing, and writing.
Practice drawing and transfer of image techniques in preparation for drawing concept onto the designated area.
Assist in transferring mural concept onto the designated area.
Assist in applying color as instructed by Muralist using copies of final color concept rendering.

Basic Drawing Classes

This art class focuses on Basic Drawing: identifying basic shapes we find within all forms. We draw with Crayola Markers, which cannot be erased. This means we will approach all drawing projects using light colors to form a basic shape. Building on our image progressively using darker tones as we draw in the final details. Black will always be the last color used to accent detail in our drawings, except for a last touch of water, moving and blending the colors we have already placed in our drawing. The Instructor will demonstrate in a step-by-step curriculum: as he draws, the students will follow his every step.

Various techniques will be explored using Crayola Markers, accenting in the final steps with a stiff brush and water. Images utilized in drawing projects will consist of varous birds of the Rainforest, and the wildlife of this continent. Time permitting, the instructor enjoys sharing and teaching Native American songs.

Details for both classes:
After school availability.
Fees: Hourly fee: $35. Additional materials fee.